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Throwing out potential base stealers is a fundamental skill that separates a good catcher from a great catcher. Professional scouts consider throwing ability (SAQ - strength, accuracy, and quickness) when determining which catchers to follow and potentially draft. Proper throwing technique enhances a player's chances for success when throwing out base runners.


A proper grip is essential for accurate throws. Grip the ball across the seams as if you were a pitcher throwing a four-seam fastball. Ideally, every throw you make should be with a four-seam grip. A good time to work on your grip is when you are warming up before practice or a game. With enough practice, you will automatically start gripping the ball in this manner. It will become second nature.


A catcher's ability to throw out runners attempting to steal is a huge defensive asset. Not only do you keep runners out of scoring position, but also you force the other team to play station to station (base to base), hit and run, or bunt a runner into scoring position. A good throwing catcher at the Major League level only throws out roughly 35% of all attempted base stealers. The main reason for this low success rate is that bases are mostly stolen off pitchers and not catchers. To have success throwing out runners, you need to be quick and have a strong accurate throw.

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