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Throwing to third base can be quite an adventure for beginning and inexperienced catchers with a right handed hitter at the plate. What should you do when the hitter is in your way? Do you move around the hitter? Throw over top of him? Actually, it depends on the pitch location, the height of the hitter, and how tall you are.

With a smaller right-handed hitter at the plate, you can throw over top of him. Use one of the three throwing methods discussed in Catcher Throwing Styles to Second Base.

Move Around Hitter to Throw

For many catchers, throwing over hitters is not an option and I teach all of my catchers to move around the hitter for a clear throwing lane. Moving around a hitter involves recognizing the pitch location and moving accordingly. On a pitch away from a right-handed hitter, step forward with your right leg toward the second baseman. You will be throwing from the field side. Some catchers have a tendency to drop their arm angle down to throw around a hitter. Do not side arm the throw around the hitter. The throw will be less accurate and weaker. This will take practice to discover how far out you need to go to clear the hitter for a clear throwing lane. Do not take more than a step or you will take too much time and the runner will be safe.

For pitches down the middle and to the inside on a right-handed hitter, you will be taking a step behind the hitter. Start moving just as you catch the ball and shuffle behind the hitter. Make sure your momentum is toward third as you throw. You should not be falling away toward the dugout or your throw will be inaccurate.

Left-handed hitters should not interfere with your throwing lane so use one of the three throwing methods that works best for you. For an inside pitch to a left-handed hitter use the Rock and Throw method.


KEYS:Recognize pitch location, For Right Handed Hitters: Clear the Hitter, Step In Front on a Pitch Away, Step Behind on a Pitch Down the Middle or Inside, Three Throwing Methods,
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