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Now that you have a solid stance, you need to learn where to position yourself in the catchers box in relation to the hitter. The catchers box is 8' long by 43" wide and is located directly behind home plate. The rules of baseball state that the catcher must have both feet inside or on the line of this box at the time of a pitch.

Relation to Hitter

Where does the catcher set up in relation to the hitter? On many occasions, I have seen catchers set up too far behind the hitter. This is a BAD HABIT. Ideally, you want to be as far forward toward home plate as possible without your mitt interfering with a batter's swing. The closer you can get toward your pitcher the easier you make it for the pitcher to hit his locations (shorter distance to throw the ball) and also you provide the umpire with a better opportunity to make accurate ball and strike calls. *KNOW YOUR HITTER: Certain hitters have a looping swing (especially at the younger ages). You need to set up a little further back than normal for these hitters or they will tip your mitt with their bat during a swing. This is catcher's interference. If you are unsure how close to set up to the batter, play it safe and stay back a little.

When To Set Up

Do not set up too early after giving your sign. This gives away pitch location. Opposing coaches will relay this information to the hitter or the hitter may peek back to see where you are sitting. Knowing pitch location helps a hitter. If the pitcher is in the windup, set up just as the pitcher is starting his windup. If the pitcher is in a stretch position use your judgment. You should move just before the pitcher is delivering the ball to the plate.

KEYS: Be Forward, Catcher's Interference, Know the Hitter, Never Down the Middle, Off the Plate, Umpire's Zone

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