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Take Care of Your Gear

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Keep your catchers gear clean. Brush off all excess dirt and mud after each use. Catcher's gear goes through a lot of wear and tear. By cleaning your gear, you are prolonging its use. Here is a list of items you will find useful for cleaning and maintaining your equipment: shoe brush, glove oil, old rag, leather laces, and a re-lacing tool for serious catchers.

Check with your glove manufacturer or their website for information on how to properly care for your glove. Each manufacturer uses different types of leather and results could vary if you use other methods than what they recommend.


Your mitt is your best friend. Treat it like you would want to be treated. Clean your mitt after every use and oil your mitt periodically throughout the year to keep the leather healthy and strong. The last thing you want in the middle of a game is your laces break because they were dry rotted. During the off-season, your mitt should be stored at room temperature somewhere in your house. Keep your mitt out of very damp or dry places and away from heaters.

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Shin Guards

Check your shin guards periodically to make sure the straps are not worn or fraying and adjust any that do not fit correctly. Check your strap hooks to make sure that they all work and are not bent from being stepped on. Replace any damaged or broken hooks.

Chest Protector

It is a good idea to air out your chest protector after use (especially if you are a heavy sweater). Your teammates will thank you for it!!! Make sure you check your straps and keep them untwisted and your hook/clasp from being damaged. You can purchase replacements clasps so you do not have to replace the entire chest protector.

Face Mask and Helmet/ Hockey Mask

Check all straps for wear and make sure your mask fits snuggly. It should not fit too tight or not be too loose. Check your mask or helmet for cracks. A cracked helmet can be potentially dangerous and should be replaced immediately.


Keep your spikes clean. Keep the leather dry and free of dirt. This will keep your shoes from dry rotting and prolong their use.

Consider using Shoe Goo on the insides of your spikes near the balls of your feet. This area of your shoe will be worn out a lot quicker while you are in your relaxed stance. A little Shoe Goo will prevent holes from being worn into your shoe.

Store It!

While you are in-season you should keep your equipment in a bag big enough to hold shin guards, a chest protector, a mask, and your mitt. Certain companies make specialized bags for catchers, but if catching is something new to you, a large duffel bag will work fine.

During the off-season, store your equipment out of extremely dry or damp places.

Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you!!!

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